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The official iPas2 System Review is here.  Get the in depth video, un-edited, no BS review here.

Hey there, my name is Felix.  I’ve been able to make almost $40,000 with this system alone.  But it’s never been easy.  I struggled for years before I found this system and it’s right in front of you today!

This push button system was developed by Chris Jones and Chris Campbell, the brain child of the Prosperity Team, to help regular folks like you and me succeed online.

iPas2 is an all in one system designed to do all of the educating, selling, telling and everything you have to focus on in the past, done for you. The only thing you have to focus on with this system, is driving traffic to it (or you can just buy traffic inside the system and sit back and watch). With high class tracking inside the system, you will never have to spend $200+ dollars for tracking tools on the marketplace. No more having to worry about finding converting products and sales pages because that is taken care of for you inside the system as well..

iPas2 system is a system built by marketers for marketers.  It doesn’t matter what your level of experience is, or where you live in the world.




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Over $37,000+ Created With This System Alone!


…and Now You Have the Same chance that I had in the beginning.

See, it’s easier to just Take Action Now and Grab The iPas2 System Below…

This will help you avoid the learning curve…

…which is one of the BIGGEST Mistakes you can make before making money online.

Yes, You could go looking and scavenging around the internet…

Yes, You could go jumping from product to product and business to business, but why do that if you don’t have to?




But life wasn’t always easy for me either…

See, I was over $20K in Debt before I made money online.

However, life is all about Taking Risks and If we never take risks, we’ll never get anywhere…

We’ll always be at a stand still. Sort of like, never taking the risk of walking…

But, once we learned how to walk… We learned how to run after, right?

That’s kind of how making money online worked out for me…

I Took a Small Risk…

Then, I Took a Bigger Risk…

Then… I Risked It All! I used my last to get my online business started…

But, Thanks to that one risk that I took, everything changed for me with iPas2…

What My Fellow Marketers Have To Say About Me..




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Here’s What You’ll Get!

  • You are the business owner – Your job is to get people through the door (Which I’ll help you easily!)
  • BIM Access to all Black Card Members
  • Everything is provided for you, you just get set up, get positioned and let the system work for you
  • Does all the selling – You don’t have to pick up the phone, ever!
  • Provides Value to your customers
  • Creates loyalty and happy customers that keep paying for a long time
  • A community of thousands of other iPas users for support and answers at your finger tips




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Author: Felix G Castro

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